Thinking about renovating your home or office?
Our experienced & expert electrical team can assist with your renovation plans from start to finish.
JLMP Electrical & Data can be involved every step of the way from planning your electrical layout plans on paper right through to installation and maintenance.
We specialize in the following services for renovations:

Lighting design & layout

We provide expert advice on how you can create the perfect atmosphere in your home or office in indoor or outdoor areas using ambient and feature lights. We can even assist with extra power points should your new lighting plan require it.

Re-wiring & installation

Whether you are completely re-wiring a room or need a small renovation, we can assist with certified and safe wiring installations that are all compliant to Australian Wiring Rules and safety standards.

Smart wiring your home

Looking to smart wire you’re new or existing home, our team can advise and install required equipment to control lighting, air-conditioning and other electrical devices in your home from your IPhone, tablet or computer

Security lighting

Looking to install security lighting to deter intruders? We install innovative security lighting

Data cabling & home networking

Want to set up data in your home or office; our team can advise best solution and implement solution for fast and reliable home network

Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms save lives. The Queensland Government advises that the risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher in homes that have not been fitted with smoke alarms. JLMP Electrical & Data can inspect and advise if your current smoke alarms is compliant or need to be upgraded and if your home compliance with latest Australian standards

Swimming pool & hot water system connections

You can save money on a range of appliances by connecting them to an economy tariff. Appliances like pool pumps and hot water systems are ideal for economy tariffs – where the electricity is available during particular hours at a significant discount, as these types of appliances do not need to be turned on all day.

Mains Power upgrade

Mains Power upgrade - There are a number of reasons you would want your mains power upgraded, including to install ducted air conditioning, for the use of high-end audio visual equipment or the addition of a new section or renovation to a building. A mains power upgrade provides a more reliable and consistent power source and, must be completed by a qualified electrical contractor.

Main switch board upgrades

With over 15 years in the electrical industry, our expert team can advise you if you need a switchboard upgrade. If you are renovating or installing new appliances a switchboard upgrade may be required to prevent overloading.
More reasons you may need an electrical switchboard upgrade:
   • Older style switchboards with ceramic rewire-able fuses were designed to cater for only a small number of    household appliances like a fridge, washing machine and stove. These days most people want to use many      more appliances in their home every day, like dishwashers, air conditioning, pool equipment. This means      that the old switchboards can be potential fire hazards due to overloading.
   • Older style switchboards that are becoming overloaded can cause frequent power outs and tripping.
   • Renovations including extensions, new kitchens or entertainment rooms could exceed the current          capabilities of your switchboard with more appliances and more advanced technologies.
   • Often older electrical switchboards are not fitted with electrical safety switches which means risk of         electrocution.